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Whitening teeth how long does it last

If you're interested in the process, here is what you need to know: How Long Will It Last? Roughly half of all patients who undergo the treatment have results that last from 9-12 years. It’s important to remember that the results will vary from person to person. In the following blog, Dr. According to a peer-reviewed study in 2014 , results of this treatment are displayed after one session of 30-60 minutes. Details about performing tray teeth whitening treatments. How long does teeth whitening last? It's just one of many common questions we receive at our dentist office in Bury Knowle Park. If someone chooses to use a dental procedure to professionally whiten their teeth they can expect the results to last anywhere between two and three years. Discover the answers to patient's most common questions about this treatment as well as where you can book an appointment. How long do teeth whitening results last? That depends on the whitening treatment chosen. After whitening, the lightness of your teeth should last for a few months while some may last for over three years. How long to you wear your trays? How long does the process take? How long do the results last? Performing touch-up treatments. It all depends on the kind of whitening solution you use. Home Teeth Whitening in Dubai system involves bleaching one’s teeth at home but under a dentist prescription. The downside of course is that it a much more expensive option. In order to understand the expected duration of results for teeth whitening, you should first understand the fundamentals of this treatment. Which is best, day or nighttime treatments?At Hellenic Dental Clinic Dubai, two types of teeth whitening procedures are practiced; in-office and home whitening. The idea is to wear. Basically, your teeth become discolored due to either extrinsic Here’s what you should know when professionally whitening your smile! How Long You Can Expect a Professional Whitening to Last. Flanagan and our team answer the common query: “How long does teeth whitening last?” Teeth Whitening 101. If you currently smoke, you’ll want to stop doing so altogether or at least reduce how much you smoke if you want the results of your teeth whitening to last. There is another way to whiten the teeth that can last even longer. This is called laser whitening. How Long Do the Whitening Results Last? Tooth sensitivity after whitening is common, but it typically lasts for a short period of time, usually between 24–48 hours. Professional teeth whitenening can make a huge difference in your appearance and confidence. Laser whitening to the teeth does not involve any whitening kits. Whitening your teeth with a laser is a safe and very fast way to whiten your teeth and you have results in a short time and the whitening product lasts much longer. You can expect a professional teeth whitening to last for about two years up to ten years

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