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Goldwave.exe free download exe to start downloading. The updates have been fine, butGOLDWAVE 5. 2shared - Online file upload - unlimited free web space. Sửa file MP3 chất lượng cao với GoldWave. 41 for Windows PC from FileHorse. 5. Goldwave Software, free goldwave software software downloads, Page 3. It was first released to the public in April 1993, and is similar to applications like the open source Audacity, though offering powerful features at a very reasonable cost. 55 FREE DOWNLOAD - Downloads Magazine Windows Files. Fast download. 498835 programs available. GOLDWAVE 5. File sharing network. Click on program Goldwave 5. Download GoldWave 6. Với phần mềm GoldWave, người dùng có thể thu lại bất cứ nguồn âm thanh nào từ máy tính, chẳng hạn như: microphone, line-in và bất kỳ cái gì mà họ nghe thấy. GoldWave is a feature-rich commercial digital audio editing software developed by GoldWave Inc. File upload progressor. Please don't rip these guys off; they've actually done good work and have been very generous in the freeGoldwave 5. exe download at 2shared. 100% Safe and Secure Free Download (32-bit/64-bit) Software Version. VideoMeld, Free Download by GoldWave Inc. Feature-rich multi-track video editor with support for all media filesGoldwave可打开的音频文件相当多,GoldWave中文版包括WAV, OGG, VOC, IFF, AIF, AFC, AU, SND, MP3,MAT, DWD, SMP, VOX, SDS, AVI, MOV等音频文件格式,你也可以从 CD 或 VCD 或 DVD 或其它视频文件中提取声音。GoldWave中文版内含丰富的音频处理特效,从一般特效如多普勒、回声、混响 goldwave是一个集声音录制、转换、播放和编辑的音频工具,虽然所站空间不大,但是功能却不弱。这款软件能打开的功能有很多,包括afc,ogg,avi voc, iff,mp3, aif, snd, mat,au, dwd, smp, vox,以及 sds等音频文件格式,同时,软件内部包含大量的音频处理特效,从多普勒、回声 . All in all, this is a robust piece of audio software that should satisfy power-users. 55 FREE DOWNLOAD - Way to many tools for me to write or remember Goldwave.exe free download